Fiction – A work in progress...

Fiction – A work in progress...


It all started when...

A rabbi, a priest and a Buddhist monk walk into a bar.  They all order scotch on the rocks. The bartender tells them that he only has enough scotch for one of them to have a drink, and he will give the drink to whomever can tell him which he should be most concerned with when he dies, the past, the present, or the future.

The rabbi says, "The past, because it is the way that you have lived your life, according to our traditions, that you will be judged on. If you have lived in accordance with the laws that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai, you should be welcome when you arrive at the gates of heaven.”

The bartender thinks for a moment. “What about if I did not live up to the law? Will I go to hell?”

The rabbi strokes his beard for a moment and replies, “We don’t have hell.” 

“Well that’s definitely a plus," the bartender says. Then it’s the priest turn.


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